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About SCRIPTS Asia

Disclosing corporate event transcripts have been a part of corporate disclosure globally for over 15 years.

SCRIPTS Asia has been established to meet the needs of global institutional investors, to expand on the transcript disclosure activities to companies throughout the Asia Pacific.

Service Overview

SCRIPTS Asia has set out to be the leading source of Asia Pacific corporate event coverage for the global institutional investor community.  SCRIPTS boasts a wide network of on-the-ground transcribers to ensure complete access to our Corporate Partners' most significant updates, such as earnings releases, shareholders meetings, and special events.

SCRIPTS Asia has established a partnership with Nikkei Inc., and SCRIPTS Asia content can be found through the Nikkei Telecom and Nikkei ValueSearch applications.

Our Process

SCRIPTS Asia was featured in NIKKEI Newspaper                                                                           (Feb  22, 2018)

Working With Our Corporate Partners

SCRIPTS Asia works directly with our Corporate Partners to ensure that their investor events are covered in an accurate and timely manner. 


We arrange for our transcribers to attend your event, produce a transcript and English translation of the the meeting content, then distribute that information to existing and prospective institutional investors around the world.  We also provide our Corporate Partners with an event transcript to make available in the IR  section of their public website.


Best of all, these services are provided at no charge to our Corporate Partners.